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Veterinary Social Work Intensive

March 13-17, 2018

8am-5pm, daily

Cost $900

CE Credit pending approval by the NASW

Program Description:

This program is designed to integrate knowledge obtained in three online modules in the veterinary social work training program: 1) Animal Related Bereavement: Implications for Social Work Practice, 2) Compassion Fatigue Management, and 3) The Link: Violence Towards Humans and Animals. Through the techniques of observing, reflecting, and experiencing, the intensive will guide the participant through the process of “putting it all together” and practicing the skills required for veterinary social work.

Program Objectives:

At the conclusion of this intensive participants will be able to:

  • Describe the issues that are emotionally and socially challenging to animal related professionals
  • Describe to clients what to expect in end of life care including euthanasia, body disposition, and memorialization
  • Discuss animal abuse with clients and with the legal system
  • Engage in grassroots interprofessional community organizing to address animal abuse  
  • Facilitate animal related end-of-life and treatment-decision making discussions with clients.
  • Facilitate animal related end-of-life and treatment-decision making discussions between clients and animal related professionals
  • Engage in ethical decision-making skills around animal related social work topics and situations
  • Understand emotional, cognitive, and physical regulation techniques
  • Have increased awareness about one’s own animal-related values, ethics, and triggers

Coffee, Snacks, and Lunch will be provided each day; vegan & vegetarian options available.

Block of rooms will be available, check back soon for more information.

More information coming soon!

Completion of the following three modules is required before attending the VSW Intensive

  1. Compassion Fatigue Management
  2. The Link: Violence Towards Humans and Animals
  3. Animal Related Bereavement: Implications for Social Work Practice

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Further Details:

What are the prerequisites for attendance?

In order to attend the VSW Intensive one must have completed the following modules:

  1. Compassion Fatigue Management
  2. Animal-Related Bereavement: Implication for Social Work Practice
  3. The Link: Violence Towards Humans and Animal

All 3 modules must be completed to attend this portion of the workshop. Online modules can be completed here.

Is completion of supervision required before attending?

No, not for the 2018 VSW Intensive, however, In 2019, we will require completion of the three modules and the related supervision sessions.

What is the cost?

The cost of the VSW Intensive is $900.

Is continuing education approved by the NASW?

The VSW Intensive is pending approval by the NASW.

Will attendance at the Intensive fulfill requirements for the Veterinary Social Work Certificate?


Do I need to be in the Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program in order to attend?

No, this event is open to everyone who completes the three online modules.

If I am interested in only one topic (for example Compassion Fatigue & Conflict Management), can I complete that module and attend the workshop?

The content on Compassion Fatigue Managment, Grief and Bereavement, and the Link are intimately related to each other in regards to the human impact in animal-related issues; therefore, this content will be presented together. If you are interested in any one of these topics you will have to complete all 3 modules and attend all 5 days.

What if I have already completed some of the face-to-face workshops in the past that are now a part of the 5-day intensive?

You will still have to attend the 5-day intensive workshop; however, attendance will be prorated $220 per module. A member of the VSW team can verify with you your prorated amount.

Where will this be held?

The workshops will be held in the Tickle Conference Room at The University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center (UTVMC) (2407 River Dr, Knoxville TN, 37996)

Is there a block of rooms available?

A block of rooms will be available soon. Please check back.

For further questions contact VSW at (865) 696-1117 or email us at

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