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Attending to human needs at the intersection of veterinary and social work practice

vet social work at UT

Veterinary Social Work Oath

“Specializing in veterinary social work, I pledge my service to society by tending to the human needs that arise in the relationship between humans and animals. From a strengths perspective and using evidence-based practice, I will uphold the ethical code of my profession, respect and promote the dignity and worth of all species, and diligently strive to maintain mindful balance in all of my professional endeavors.”


UT VSW seeks to expand understanding about the services needed at the intersection of veterinary medicine and social work practice. From a strengths perspective and using evidence-based practice, UT VSW conducts veterinary social work by providing education, support, and training to UTCVM students, faculty, staff, and clients as well as other public health professionals.


Our primary mission is to provide support and education for students, faculty, staff and clients of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. This education and support is intended:

  • To educate students, clients, faculty, staff as well as the professional and general public about the human animal bond and veterinary social work.
  • To provide clinical consultation, support, and referral to students, clients, staff, and faculty of the veterinary teaching hospital.
  • To conduct evidence-based veterinary social work practice. This includes using empirically supported interventions as well as conducting on-going program and clinical practice evaluation.
  • To provide service to the community. This service includes work with and integration of both human and animal related professionals.

To contact a vet social worker, call 865-755-8839 Monday through Friday 10am-5pm.  You may also email us at

If you are interested in our educational offerings and events, call 865-696-1117 or email

Veterinary Social Work

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