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Concentration Techniques

Concentration Techniques

While in class, after school and in general life, concentration is important to retain information and live in the present. There are ways to increase your concentration abilities, but they take practice.

Meditation and Mindfulness:

There are various kinds of meditation and mindfulness, but the overall idea is to use and focus on your breath as a marker to remain in the present. Generally, you acknowledge thoughts as they pass through your head and let them go to try to come back to your breath. A good way to start meditating is to start small, like trying 5 minutes a day or so, or use a guided meditation like this one to stay focused. Or, you can try an app like Headspace to help get you going and track your progress.

Create a “Distraction” To Do List:

Of course you know what a to do list is, but have you ever heard of a “distraction” to do list? There may be things you want to check out while you’re focusing, but instead of moving off the task at hand, simply write it down so you can take a look at your distraction to do list and go through them in their own time.

Practice Active Listening:

Active listening is listening with all your senses. This means giving full attention to the person speaking and using verbal or non-verbal communication to signal you’re actually listening, like head nodding or uttering “mhm” to signify you understand the message rather than just hear it.

I Miss My Café

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