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Taylor Richter

Concurrent MSSW/VSW Graduate


What is your undergraduate degree in? Where did you earn and it and when?

My undergrad degree was in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Anthropology.  

What brought you to the VSW-CP?

I chose UT’s social work program entirely because of the VSW program. Animals are my passion and I wanted to learn more about how to use animals in the therapeutic setting. The AAI part of VSW was originally why I wanted to study in this field but as I learned more about the different disciplines involved in VSW, my scope has definitely widened.

Where did you complete your field placement?

I completed my fieldwork at Boys & Girls Club of the TN Valley for both foundation and concentration years. My supervisor allowed me to collaborate with HABIT to write protocol for BGC. This is now a VSW placement due to the integration of AAI into the Club setting at the Halls Powell location of BGC of the TN Valley.

Do you have any long term goals or dreams?

I just want to be able to help humans through the use of animals to any capacity.

What was the most rewarding part of the VSW Certificate Program for

I would have to say being able to use Brewski, (my own dog) in therapy and seeing how effective this intervention was with the kids at Boys and Girls Club. Being able to utilize my own therapy dog to help people was a dream come true. I think Brewski now officially has more degrees than I do because of all the different therapy dog

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