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General Study Tools – Websites and Apps

General Study Tools – Websites and Apps

Thanks to the internet and open source software, there are multiple digital tools that can assist in your everyday study routine. Here’s a look at a few across the board that can be of service.


Speechify Text To Speech is a mobile and desktop app that allows people with dyslexia, ADHD, low vision, concussions, and other reading difficulties to have any text read out to them using a computer generated text to speech voice. It converts any text to human-quality, natural-sounding speech, lets you listen to any text 3 times faster than your normal reading speed, and even lets you take photos of any my physical books and documents to convert them into audio.

Please Note: Speechify does require a subscription. See website for more information.


Quizlet is a free learning tool and digital flashcard reservoir. You can either use existing flashcards to study a topic or create your own!


Like Quizlet, StudyStack offers existing flashcards or the option to make your own.


As a top-notch organizational tool, Evernote provides you with a digital notebook with amazing features like the ability to scan documents, sync notes, create note-taking templates, and more.


Flipd was designed for high-achieving students and productivity enthusiasts. Flipd can help you reach daily, weekly, and monthly productivity goals. You can track your progress and stay motivated with their productivity timers. You can ever keep tracks of breaks and look at your stats & insights. The app also aims to motivate and encourage users through inspiring quotes, reward stats, and by collecting badges. You can also join live study rooms and groups to study with your friends or clubs. In addition, there are free focus music and background sounds. 

Flipd offers a free experience and subscription based experience. Check out their app on iOS and Android for more information. 


Grammarly uses AI technology to offer you with writing corrections across multiple platforms from social media to emails and Google documents.

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