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Test-Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips

Test days can be overwhelming, but if you follow these best practices, they get easier!


Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to get settled. The night before, get good sleep by shutting off distractions early or trying something calming before bed like a warm bath or drinking chamomile tea.

Read Carefully:

Test directions are important and should not be skimmed over.

Answer Everything:

Start by answering the easy questions and marking the hard questions that are taking too much time. After answering the questions you know for sure, go back to the more difficult ones. Be sure to answer all questions even if you are unsure if you’re right.

Memory Dump:

Some people like to start their test with a memory dump, or writing down the equations, dates, and important information that may come up at the moment the test begins.

How to Manage Test Anxiety

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