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Veterinary Ethics and Moral Stress

Online Module

This self-paced online program provides the participant with an overview of ethics and moral stress in a veterinary setting. The content in this module is directed toward animal related professionals such as veterinarians and veterinary technicians. The module contains readings from peer reviewed journals, a narrated presentation, as well as test for comprehension. If you are interested in more education covering ethics and moral stress, a more in-depth discussion takes place throughout Veterinary Human Support Certificate Program. The module takes approximately 1.5hrs to complete. You can pause and resume as needed.

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This module is available for purchase year round. This module is a part of the Veterinary Human Support Certificate. This is a brief introduction to Ethics and Moral Stress. Additional content is covered later in the certificate program. You can purchase and complete this module even if you are not enrolled in the certificate.


Jeannine Moga, MA, MSW, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker with specialties in veterinary social work, occupational stress/resilience, and grief and loss – which to most people sounds incredibly stressful, but to her ignites a sense of purpose! She has previously delivered VETgirl wellness content. Jeannine pursued a Master’s degree in Sociology (Washington State University) before changing fields and receiving her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Minnesota in 2004. She has developed and led two veterinary social work programs (Veterinary Social Services at the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Medical Center, and Family & Community Services at NC State University’s Veterinary Hospital), and has spent the past 15 years working with veterinary, animal welfare, and social services professionals to address the intersections of human and animal health and well-being. She is now in private practice in Southeast Virginia, where she serves as a therapist and veterinary social work educator/ consultant. In her spare time, Jeannine enjoys trail riding, yoga, home renovation projects, and trying to bake the perfect pie. Jeannine and her husband share their lives with/wrangle a teenager, four dogs, a bird, and a horse.

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