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Emotional CPR

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Dates: July 18-20, 2020

Location: Zoom Video Conference

Time: 12pm-4pm (Eastern)

Cost: $350

12 CEs for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians

Get trained in providing effective peer-based support.

Help people through emotional crises.

Veterinary specific although all are welcome.

The goals of this ECPR event are to:

1) Provide training for veterinarians to help others through emotional crises with increased efficacy and without self-harm. 

2) Develop a group of DVM’s who, having been trained in ECPR, are willing and prepared to reduce stigma about mental illness in the profession by telling “their own stories” of adversity and healing.

What is Emotional CPR?
“eCPR is an educational program designed to teach anyone to assist another person through an emotional crisis by three simple steps of C=Connecting, P=emPowering, and R=Revitalizing. The Connecting section of eCPR involves deepening listening skills. The emPowering section helps people better understand how to feel empowered themselves as well as to assist others to feel more hopeful and engaged in life. In the Revitalizating section people re-engage in relationships with their loved ones or their support system, and they resume or begin routines that support health and wellness. This final step reinforces the person’s sense of mastery and accomplishment, further energizing the healing process. eCPR is based on principles shared by a number of support approaches: trauma-informed care, recovery components, instilling hope, counseling after disasters, and cultural and social attunement. It was developed with input from a diverse cadre of recognized leaders from across the U.S., who themselves have learned how to recover and grow from emotional crises. They have wisdom by the grace of first-hand experience.” Click here to read more. 

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This training is a function of the Dr. N. Paul Nolan Memorial Suicide Awareness in Veterinary Education (SAVE) Program. Such awareness and education efforts were an expressed wish from Paul and his family.

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