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VSWCP Supervision


Prerequisite: Module related to supervision topic

Availability: January-March, yearly

All participants will attend 8 online supervision sessions in order to earn the Veterinary Social Work Certificate. The 4 VSW topic areas will have 2 supervision sessions dedicated to the topic that are designed to provide discussion and allow for supervisory questions to be answered.  VSW faculty and staff will be in attendance for these sessions as well as topic experts. There will be discussion boards and homework throughout the supervision period. The specific dates of supervision will be announced each November.

Supervision begins in January and ends in March of each year. Times of supervision sessions vary to accommodate the schedule needs of our participants. Participants do not have to attend all 8 sessions in one year. Each VSW topic area has 2 sessions dedicated to it. As long as participants complete the 2 sessions per topic in the same year then they can spread out the other topics.

Participants may choose to attend supervision before submitting their Keystone Project proposals in order to discuss their options with their peer participants. Participants are encouraged, however, to complete some supervision sessions while actively engaged in Keystone Project development.

*It is required to attend AAI Supervision and the AAI Workshop in the same calendar year, however, it is not required to attend the VSW Intensive in the same year as completing the other 3 supervision topic areas.


-How much does supervision cost?

$250 per topic area and there are 4 topic areas.

-What time is supervision hosted?

The time changes yearly depending on participant needs. We announce the time and dates the November before.

-How many people attend supervision?

We usually have 10-15 people attend each session in addition to 2-3 VSW team members.

-Is supervision NASW approved?


-What can I expect during supervision?

We will have a topic expert in attendance who help participants critically analyze case studies. Additionally, we will discuss Keystone Project questions and any general questions that participants might have.

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