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Note-Taking Tips

Note-Taking Tips

In whatever course you take, you’ll likely have to take notes. Whether this is on a laptop, tablet or by hand, there are ways to maximize your note-taking to better serve your learning.


New Page:

To keep your notes organized, begin each lecture on a new page with a title and date at the top so you can easily find what you’re looking for when you need to refer back to your notes.

Blank Spaces:

Leave blank spaces in your notes to come back and write more later from the textbook or lecture materials or insert relevant questions.


Consider editing and rewriting or typing your notes within 24 hours after first taking them to better allow the information to sink in. Also, the act of writing notes again is a memorization tool.

Compare Notes:

Check the accuracy of your notes to textbooks and lecture materials to ensure you got the information right.


Cornell Notes:

Check out the Cornell approach to taking notes that may help with memorization and retention.


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